DIY | Philips Hue Signe "Replica"

DIY | Philips Hue Signe "Replica"

I had an excess 2m led stripe ..

Not many stories start like that, but this one is true, I promise!

So excess led strip and living room corner that could use some light, specifically a reading light was requested. So I thought why not try to build something out of the led strip. I noticed that Philips was making this Signe floor lamp, which I could use as an example to my design.

I first went to my go to tool TinkerCad, After many variations later I started thinking that there is perhaps no good way to fully print the base, so it would need to be a combination of materials.

I ordered a 2 meters long aluminum profile (~35 Eur), and started tinkering my model around the aluminum profile, but I quite quickly realized that still the base is probably not sturdy enough for such a long aluminum profile.

I had an excess Ikea cabinet going out to trash, so I thought I'd recycle part of that to my model.

White parts are 3D printable, Transparent parts are wood, Gray is the aluminum profile.

Still I needed a good way to attach the wood parts to the base so I ended up recycling the Ikea screws, and more wood for underneath the 3 Printable base.

Image Image

Inside the 3 Printable base I wanted to leave enough room that I could fill it with something heavy to keep this falling, originally I was thinking just sand, but while visiting my local Outdoor Sports shop for some climbing gear, I noticed these cheap diving weights :)

2 x 1.5 kg diving weights for balance.
2m high vertical light strip

In Node-RED I am catching the device events from an Ikea Remote, to brighten, dim or cycling through scenes.